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Who we are

MULTIMEDIA RENTALS's main business activity is providing rental services of our studios and our technical equipment for audiovisual productions. Our activity is based on the GLOBAL rental service rather than a SPECIFIC RENTING of a service or audiovisual equipment.
MULTIMEDIA RENTALS' added value lays on providing a global solution to all you may need in an audiovisual production of any size.

How we work




Studio 1

Studio 1's area is 150m2 and is 5m tall, a wide space totally prepared for all audiovisual productions.

Production types
Its dimensions allow carrying out sophisticated and great magnitude films: spots, television programs, musical videos, films, informational or educational audiovisuals, panoramic group photography, gastronomy projects, among others.

  • Structural framework with 8 bars, with the possibility of moving in all directions (3m high vision around the studio)
  • Electricity-powered bar with own current and bogies (on-wheels system) for its movement with 12 vertically movable fixed points.
  • Independent line with DIMMER of 15.000w with 6 adjustable inputs 2.000W.
  • Cyclorama: 7m wide x 8m bottom with 12m depth
  • 3 paper backgrounds: 3,2m x 20m. Available in white, black and grey.
  • Screen: 2x2m. Motorized screen capable of continuous light and flash installed in the structural framework

Studio 2

Studio 2's area is 90m2 and 3.25m high.

Production types
Ideal space for small sets: interviews, castings, product photography, portraits, among others.

  • Chroma: Width: 2.25m. Height: 2.30m. Length: 15m.
  • Electricity-powered bar: 3m height vision.
  • 20 background paper in different colours. Painted backgrounds for portraits and vintage photography.
  • Spotlights, screens and accessories for specific advertising works.
  • Possibility of working with polarized light.


Who we work with

On-line platforms

  • Web
  • On-line television
  • Marketing agencies

Mass media

  • Television channels
  • Radio
  • Press


  • Professional photographers
  • Social photography
  • Advertising photography

Production companies

  • Audiovisual productions companies
  • Cultural content production companies
  • Journalism content production companies
  • Film production companies
  • Music video production companies

Universities and training centres

  • School or training centres
  • Departments or Communication studies in Universities
  • Photography and image academies: photography and video classes’ area


  • Graphic design studies
  • Industrial design
  • Freelance

Do you want to know the technical equipment’s price? Contact us and we will provide you the technical material rental's pricelist.


  • Cameras accessories: 1 Traveling Key West with a 13m. bar. Travelling curves included. Adaptable to any camera.
Cold-light illumination, Tungsten and Dimmer
  • HMI 4.800 FRESNEL (12.500 W)
  • HMI 2.500 FRESNEL (6.500 W)
  • HMI 2.500 SOFT (6.500 W)
  • HMI 1.200 FRESNEL (3.200W)
  • FLUORLIGHT (10 Fluorlight screen: different sizes and power)
  • 10 tungsten spotlights: 800 a 1,200w
  • 4 Spots ARRI 1.000w
  • 2 Spots ARRI 650w
  • 3 Spotlights 1,000w for background illumination
  • 1 DIMMER 15,000w, 6 inputs 2,000w
Flash illumination and screens
Total power: 9,000 joules
  • 10 Spotlights MULTIBLITZ and BRONCOLOR
  • 1 spherical screen RIMELITE
  • 2 screens 140x100cm
  • 2 screens 100x60cm
  • Different screen sizes
  • Editing room for postproductions and analogue transfer (UMATIC, BETACAM, 4:22, VHS, 8MM) to digital


Direct vehicle access from the outside

We have a loading and downloading zone with a keep clear sign that allows a direct access to the studio.

Private parking inside

We have an area to park the car inside the office to ease the loading and downloading of the external technical material.

Entry of large volume products

The establishment allows the entry of large volume products and motorized vehicles.

Own industrial kitchen

We have a room with an industrial kitchen for gastronomy and hospitality industry works.

Reception and waiting rooms

Waiting rooms and reception for filming guests.

Make-up room

Make-up and changing area with an illuminated mirror, iron and a comfortable sofa.

Warehouse area

We have at our disposal a room to stock the material during the shooting.

Catering and kitchen service

Possibility to eat at the studio in order to optimize the rental hours.


  • Half session (4 hours) from 245€ + VAT
  • Full session (8 hours) from 385€ + VAT
    basic illumination kit and 3 different backgrounds to choose (white, black and grey)
  • In case you require more complete equipment or more rental hours please check our custom packs out.
  • Prices excluding VAT
1 h 2 h 4 h 6 h 8 h
30€ 54€ 84€ 112€ 144€
    basic illumination kit and different backgrounds to choose (black, grey, purple, yellow, green, blue, pink and vintage)
  • In case you require more complete equipment or more rental hours please check our custom packs out.
  • Prices excluding VAT

Your project does not fit these plans? In Multimedia Rentals we care about every audiovisual production. For this very reason, we give solutions to our clients and we offer budgets that can fit the needs of any project.


We are located in Tarragona, in a very accessible area by public transport, 10 minutes from the train station, and we have great communication with the highway: we are set less than 1 hour from Barcelona and we're just 1 km from the Valencia and Lleida motorways.
Phone number
+34 640·396·763
Calle Robert Aguiló, 42 - Tarragona
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